Black History Month

February is always a jam-packed month of teaching.  We have dental health, Groundhog’s Day, President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and it’s Black History Month.  I love teaching my students about influential African Americans that have changed the course of history in our country.
I finished this Print & Teach Black History packet last week that will be perfect for introducing my students to each person.
 Each page has a short biography and comprehension questions to follow up the reading.
 Last year I created this Black History Flip & Read packet that digs a little deeper into each person.
 These are great for getting students to go back into the text to answer questions.  My students like to use highlighters to prove their answers.
One of my favorite bulletin boards to do during February is an “At the Heart of Black History” board.  I assign a different person to each student.  They write a fact about that person onto a heart, and then I post it on the bulletin board.
I have bundled each of these three products into one if you would like to check it out.

This is a great bundle of items to use while teaching about black history.

You can also find each one separately by clicking on the pictures below.

This Print & Teach packet is perfect for Black History month.

Black History Flip Books - Contains 10 Biographical Flip Books and Comprehension Questions

This makes a wonderful bulletin board for Black History Month.

 How will you be teaching about black history?
These are great resources for teaching about black history.


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