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Bunny Math FREEBIE & April Nonfiction

We are on Spring Break this week, but if you have school tomorrow, and you need a quick math activity for your students, this is perfect.
Students will spin on the Bunny Spinners to see what numbers they will be using to write their equations.  You can differentiate this according to each student’s level.  You can have them add two numbers, three numbers, or more.  You could have students subtract their numbers, or even multiply.

I have also included two different grouping mats if you would like to have the students demonstrate their equation using jelly beans or seasonal erasers.
This freebie also includes a recording sheet for students to write down their number sentences.
You can download this FREEBIE by clicking HERE.
I have finally finished my Nonfiction in April packet, as well.
This packet includes units on Farm Animals (cows, pigs, sheep, & chickens), Plants, Rocks & Minerals (metamorphic, igneous, & sedimentary rocks), and Dinosaurs.
If you have already purchased the entire year bundle, go back and redownload it to get the new update that includes April.

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