Character Words Bulletin Board

We start school next week, so I’ve been in and out of my classroom for the last couple of weeks trying to get things done. 

I have this really ugly brown vent in my classroom that is a huge eyesore.  Last year, I covered it with pink wrapping paper, but the air blowing from the top of the vent made the paper wrinkly, and it didn’t stick very well.  This year, I found some chalkboard laminate at Walmart, so I decided to cover the front of this vent.  It looks SO much better!

I decided to dress it up a little more by adding these colorful words to the area.

I cut out the BE using my Cricut.  Then, I printed each of the character words onto Astrobrights cardstock. 

If you’d like to download this freebie, click HERE.

Below is an Amazon affiliate link for the chalkboard laminate if you are having trouble finding it.

These words would also be a great way to decorate a classroom door.

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  1. Jodi,

    I love your idea for a character wall! We start next week and I can’t wait to add one to my classroom. Thank you for posting the link to the document! I had a graffiti wall last year and my students loved it! I allowed them to write quotes they heard or read that meant something to them. They then shared with the class why they selected the quote. They really liked it and I use black butcher block paper and metallic markers.

  2. I love this! This year, I just had the big word “BE” on my door and during OPEN HOUSE/MEET THE TEACHER night, I invited my kiddos to pick a word to put on the door. I also made big words, “I AM” and put them above the mirror in our classroom bathroom. I hung the remaining character words around the mirror.

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