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Classroom Photos

 Good news! I finished decorating and organizing my classroom yesterday.  Bad news!  One of my teammates and wonderful friend transfered to another school yesterday (it is much, much closer to her house.)  After I picked all of the pieces of my broken heart off the floor and wiped away my tears, I decided that my big change this year would be to move into her classroom.  The room I am in now is very odd shaped and there is only so many ways you can arrange it.  This new room is bigger and is a square.  So many more possiblities.  Plus, sometimes you just need to change it up and a new room will do that for me. 
I wanted to go ahead and post pictures of my classroom as it is now and then I can post some more once I get everything moved into the new room. Plus there are some FREE downloads along the way for you.
This is standing in the doorway looking into my room.  This picture makes it look bigger than it is.
This is my Focus Wall and Calendar Area.
More views of that some area.

Click HERE to download the Focus Wall Labels.
This is my job chart.
Click HERE to download the job signs.
This is the entryway into my classroom.  We don’t have doors, but I still like to make a grand entrance.  This is suppose to be a spaceship, but the lighting was horrible and it’s kind of hard to tell.
This is a bulletin board to the right of my board.  The background is Dollar Tree wrapping paper. The table is a rolling cart that holds my tubs for centers.  I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby to cover it because it’s really ugly.
Here is the tub for students to turn in papers and my SPACE Communication Books are ready to go.
Click HERE to download the label for turning in papers.
Here is another view of that area.  Notice that I turned my old palm tree into a rocket ship.  It’s not the best, but it works.  I just wrapped up the trunk with silver wrapping paper and added construction paper details.
This is to the left of my board. 
This is a closer view of my Class Rules board.
 Click HERE to download the rules if you’d want them.
This holds all of my supplies (glue, rulers, crayons, etc.)
Here is my classroom library.
This area is to the left of my sink.
 I saw this idea on Pinterest from Tattling to the Teacher for these transportation tags.  I loved the idea of being able to move the clips.  I added one that says “My way home changed today” as a reminder to students that aren’t going home like normal.
 Click HERE to download the tags.
I made these with my Silhouette Cameo and I love them.  The students will put it on their desk if they go to the restroom.  Then when they come back, they can squirt their hands.  You know they aren’t really washing their hands when they go to the restroom by themselves. {I got this idea from 3rd Grade Thoughts.}
This is another little makeover I did with my Cameo using scrapbook paper.  I have had these containers on my desk for 10 years with a piece of masking tape to label the days of the week.  This is SO much better!  I put all of my papers and books that I am using for the week into these tubs so everything is ready for me each morning.
Thanks for checking out my classroom. Wish me luck moving it all next door.  More pictures of my new classroom will be posted when I’m finished.

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  1. I'm so sorry your good friend moved. I know that is hard. Wow! It would be hard for me to change classrooms if I had spent the kind of time you did to make your room look fabulous! Good luck moving into your new room. I'll be looking forward to seeing the new classroom pics.

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