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Colored Number Grid

I saw this idea at a Math Workshop and loved it.  It’s a simple way to help children use the number grid effectively when adding and subtracting.  The numbers in the 10’s column are colorcoded to match the number in the 1’s column that would come next.  I used markers to outline each number grid that my students have on their desks.  This is a computer version to download.
Here is a second version for people using a Math series that has a number grid in a different direction.
Here is a third version.  This one is a much smaller version so you can print them out and tape them onto student’s desks.

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  1. I love this!! One of my newest ELL students did not have lot of formal schooling, so she relies on visuals like these. She has been struggling with numbers…I think this will really help her understand numbers in English. Thank you so much!! 🙂


  2. This is a godsend! I just had a student today become so frustrated with the hundreds chart. She is having so much difficulty understanding that the beginning of one row starts when you finish the row before! You have answered my prayers today, I was at my wits end……

  3. Just curious if this comes in a word document? Our math curriculum is Math Expressions and their hundred chart has the 10's on the bottom with the ones starting at the top for "ten sticks" – just curious! Thanks for this – we are currently working with these now!

  4. nankshade,
    I redid this for you and posted a different version underneath the old one. Let me know if it's not correct. I just googld "Math Expressions" to see what their number grid looked like. Hope this helps.

  5. Jodi~
    You rock! That is perfect! Thank you so much! Here's my next favor (not being greedy-hehe!) I would love to add these to our desks on their names tags from Really Good Stuff – the 100 chart is the traditional way. Can we shrink them down? Thanks again! 🙂

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