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Daily Calendar and Math Vocabulary

I am SO excited to have finished this Daily Calendar and Math Vocabulary packet!  I really, really, really wanted to have it finished before the TpT sale was over, but it just didn’t happen with the back to school and house moving craziness that is my life right now.
 I am beyond excited to use this packet this school year.  Each daily calendar sheet has a different math vocabulary word included…40 different words in all.  I will not be introducing a new word each day.  Some of the words, I may use for an entire week if I feel like it’s something we really need to focus on.  Other words we may move through in a day or two.
The packet also includes math vocabulary word cards to display in the classroom.
I will be placing these in 3 ring binders for each of the students so we can have a record of our progress and our math vocabulary instruction throughout the year.  These would also be great to print at 75% and glue into composition notebooks as more of an interactive journal.  It’s really however you prefer to use them.

I have also included 4 different cover options {boy, girl, color, black & white}.
 Since this was not finished in time for the Back to School Sale, I will have this marked at 20% all day today and tomorrow.  You can head on over to my store by clicking on the picture below.

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