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Daily Math Notebook

When I created my Daily Comprehension Notebook’s last year, they were such a huge success that people started asking if I would create a Math version.
I’m happy to say that I just completed the 1st grade edition of my Daily Math Notebook!!
I am very excited to use these during this next school year.  I will be binding one for each of my students like I did with my comprehension notebooks.  I have also heard from teachers saying that they like to copy it at 75% and use the sheets in their interactive notebooks.
Each week contains a “Problem of the Week” as well as a multi-step problem.  Days 3-5 include other standard based math skills for the students to work on.

I will have this notebook on sale starting today through Friday if you would like to pick it up at a discount to prep for the new school year!  Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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  1. This is just what I was looking for! Bought comprehension book last year and my kids loved it! Printed back to back and put in a notebook. Will be doing the same with this! Thanks!

  2. I loved the comprehension sets and have both the first and second grade sets. I have now been moved to second and was wondering if you might make a set for second like you did with the reading. This looks awesome. Thanks so much for all the work you did.

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