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EDITABLE Homework Menus for the ENTIRE Year

I have a love/hate relationship with homework.  As a teacher, I want the parents to know what we are working on in school.  As a parent, it’s a little more complicated.  I want to know what my child is working on in school, and how she is doing.  However, I DO NOT want to spend my entire evening working on homework!  We are busy, as most families are.  We have something going on (gymnastics, dance, soccer, …) almost every night of the week during the school year.
With this in mind, I wanted to try something new for this coming school year.  I am going to be sending home a weekly homework menu with activities that review what we are working on in class.  These menus will give the students choice as to what activities they would like to complete for the week.  It also gives them the entire week to work on it.  So, if they have basketball practice on Monday and Wednesday, they can plan to do their homework for the week on Tuesday evenings.
This project has been in the works ALL summer, and I am beyond thrilled to have it finished!  I knew that I wanted to make it editable because as much as I like to plan out the year, I have to be flexible.  I may need to change out some of the activities to fit our needs.  I also knew that it was important to make it editable for YOU!  Your curriculum may be different than mine.
I will be placing these in a homework folder along with a notebook.  The students will take these home on Monday, and will not have to return them until Friday.
I also included a monthly homework option, if that is something that would work better for you.
In this packet, you will find a zipped folder with two separate files.  The first one is a secured PDF where I have typed in all of the boxes.  I have monthly calendars, as well as two different weekly calendar options for the entire year.
The second file is an editable file.  You will be able to type into each of the boxes to make this packet work for you.
If you’d like to check this out, click on the image below.

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  1. Jodi, I use something like this weekly for my spelling homework. I like the variety of options it offers and I find that most families do, too. It's interesting that a few choose the do your own thing option of writing words 4 times daily and skip the fun and silly ways to practice. I think making it due once a week is huge for today's busy families. Nice job!

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  3. I really love this in place of the worksheets we have been doing forever. The fact that it is editable makes it valuable for us and our curriculum. We want to provide activities of application across the subject areas. That being said, it would be easier for my team (who takes turns with tasks such as homework, newsletters, etc.) if each month/week was in a separate folder instead of a long scrolling document. Does that make sense? That way, we can edit August and save only August in its own folder for next year easy access. I also wish there was a way to convert pdf to google docs in drive. I tried to take the pdf and open in google docs, but it doesn't transfer. Does anyone out there have a trick to doing this? That would be the best way for collaboration. Thanks again for your hard work. Consider separating each page 🙂

  4. Hi Jodi!
    I recently purchased these menus and I, too, am excited to try a new approach to homework this year! I need your help—do you have a parent letter that introduces and explains this process of completing homework? I have been trying to compose a letter, but would love some help!
    Thank you so much!

  5. This is such a clever idea for homework and it’s differentiated without the extra work of having to make a million copies!
    I am starting to use it this week and I am so excited!!

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