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First Grade Expectations in Pictures

What child doesn’t love to see his or her picture?  I took advantage of this and used pictures of the students doing exactly what was expected of them to hang in our classroom.

Click to download this page

The ones in my room don’t have the smiley faces on them, of course 🙂

For now, I have these hanging in the front of the room on the white board.
 The students have loved seeing their pictures on the board, but I love it even more because I use these as reminders for the students.  I just have to say things like, “Remember what the picture looks like” when we’re in the hall.  This is also great if you take a picture of a student that may have difficulty sitting still and listening.  Then you can show it to that student frequently to remind him/her that he/she can do it {and you have proof.}  These are also wonderful for Autistic students that need that visual reminder.

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  1. Hi
    I loved the pictures too. I'll have to bookmark your page for next year. It's great seeing how others start their year and what you have done to settle your class in. I like the way you have used the smiley face too!

  2. I love this idea! It's a great way to show a visual to the children of what they are supposed to be doing without actually using the word "Rules" as the word "Rules" has a stigma attached to it. It tends to make you think more about what you shouldn't do that what you should be doing (even if we do phrase our rules positively) Thanks for the tip! Also, if you would, please check out my giveaway! Very few entries so far…

    1. Good point about how "this is what it looks like" is a more positive motivator than "rules" (although there's probably no avoiding the need to discuss consequences of not cooperating. At some point kids are inevitably going to test what they can get away with. It's a frequent headache for the adults in charge, but it is a normal part of growing up, and may start as early as the early elementary grades. Better to discuss consequences then because the rule-breaking and the consequences tend to be less severe than when the kids get older.)

    2. By the way, as a children's librarian I'd love to see your blog, but could you make it function as a link so I won't have to copy it down and type it manually? If that's not possible I'll still take a look at it when I have a little more time. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for reminding me how much students benefit from seeing their actual bodies doing appropriate things. A few years ago I took photos of children doing appropriate things when traveling through our school. We made it into a book and put one in each classroom library. I think I will use your idea and take photos the first week of school and then put up the display for our second week of school as a reminder to all. Thank you!

  4. Would you consider making a kindergarten cover page and the masters for the other pages in a power point? I know I would buy it from your TpT store. I so want to do this and am technologically impaired.
    I love all your posts and you are helping me be a better teacher.

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