Fluency Fun for Everyone

One of the best things about teaching 1st grade is experiencing those little 6 and 7 year olds becoming fluent readers.  It is just amazing how they go from stretching out one sound at a time to reading sentences and stories. 
I used to think fluency practice was only for “readers,” but now I know that fluency work starts right from the beginning.  Children need to be fluent in knowing their letters and letter sounds as well.
Since I have a huge variety of levels in my classroom, I wanted to create a packet that would allow me to differentiate my fluency instruction and practice.
I created Fluency Fun for Everyone, which includes fluency practice for learning the names of letters, letter sounds, sight words, simple sentences and fluency phrases.

I also included a Comprehension Check for my students that are ready to practice fluency with longer passages.  I have found that many times, students become very fluent readers and then they forget what they are reading about.  This gets them to think about they’re reading.

You can find this packet by clicking on the picture below.

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