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I mentioned in my last post that I was without a computer for a couple of weeks.  While it was nice to have the time away from it, I also kept writing posts in my head and making to do lists.  One of the things I’ve been thinking of, since it’s almost Christmas, are gift ideas. 
1.  I LOVE my Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow.  I bought the original one this summer, use it almost everyday, and still haven’t made a dent in it.  I do think I’d eventually like to try the Naked 2 or Naked 3, but I can’t decide which one I like the best.
2.  I am obsessed with Algenist products.  I have been using the Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser for a couple of years along with the Detoxifying Exfoliator. Next up, I’d like to try the Genius Cleanser.
3.  I love infinity scarves.  They are an easy way to accessorize and these lightweight scarves are so affordable because they are from Walmart.  Affordable and cute, yes please!
4.  My hair dresser introduced me to 12 Benefits Hair Treatment.  I love that it doesn’t weigh my fine hair down.
5.  Now that I’ve had the baby, it’s time to get my workout on again.  There’s nothing like cute workout clothes to help with that.  I found so many great ones on Etsy.
6. This is my favorite perfume.  I think the name is a little ridiculous, but I do love the scent.
7.  I ordered my Christmas cards from Tiny Prints this year and as I was browsing their site, I came across these personalized phone cases.  Now I just need to decide which one I like the best.
8.  A Birchbox subscription makes a great gift.  I always look forward to my Birchbox each month.  It’s a great way to sample new beauty products.
9. I love cheap, fun jewelry.  Maurices is one of my favorite places to get it.
10.  A year and a half ago, I received my first Erin Condren Life Planner.  They are kind of pricey, but I haven’t found anything I like as well, so I ordered another one this year.
I also wanted to create a list of ideas if you are needing to buy for any teachers this year.
1.  You can NEVER go wrong with gift cards.  If you know the teacher’s favorite restaurant or store, a gift card is always appreciated.  Starbucks is usually a safe bet as well if there is one nearby.  Teaching is tiring and sometimes caffeine is the only way to make it through the week. Lol!
2. This may come as no surprise, but teachers love school supplies.  This time of year, many of the supplies that were purchased back in August are running low or have seen better days.  The non-teacher may be really surprised at how much of their own money teachers spend on school supplies.  Pencils, pens, markers, glue sticks, crayons, post it notes, highlighters, dry erase markers, card stock, construction paper, craft supplies, etc. are all great gifts!
3.Teachers love books for their classroom.  Scholastic book orders are perfect for purchasing books that you can gift to the classroom.
4.  What teacher doesn’t need soap or hand sanitizer?  Do you know how many germs teachers come across every day?  I found this cute idea from Eighteen25.  Attach the tag to some Bath and Body Works Soap and you have an easy gift.
5.  Personalized notepads are a great gift for any teacher.  These are from Doodle Bugs Paper, but you can find a lot of different options on Etsy.
6.  I love fun cups because I drink a ton of water throughout the day.  These personalized cups make perfect gifts.  This particular one is from Kaci Hoffer.  You can find her on Etsy.
7.  I know we discussed gift cards for #1, but a gift card to a teacher supply store also makes a perfect gift.  Lakeshore Learning is a great choice.  I would also recommend a gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers!
8.  OF COURSE, no teacher expects a gift and you should never feel obligated to purchase one.  A nice Thank You card would honestly be the best gift of all.  Want to make it even better?  Write a letter or send an email to the teacher’s principal or administration letting them know how thankful you are for that teacher.
I did create one more gift list only because this has been on my mind lately…Gifts for New Moms.  I’m not talking about “baby” gifts.  I’m talking about gifts for the actual mom.
Of course, the number one gift right now would be a full night of sleep, but knowing that this is not an option, these gifts are great too.
1.  A Nook, Fire, or some other type of tablet is perfect for new mothers.  Newborns sleep A LOT (not necessarily when you want them to) and you find yourself with a lot of down time holding a sleeping infant. Having a tablet that you can check your email or read a good book is really helpful.
2.  New moms are TIRED!  A Starbucks gift card for a much needed caffeine fix is very helpful.
3.  Netflix has been a lifesaver.  Daytime TV quickly gets really boring.  I love that I can marathon watch great shows on Netflix.
4. Who doesn’t love a good pedicure and/or manicure?  A gift card to pamper a new mom would always be a great gift.  Offer to watch the baby while she goes for a pedicure and that’s even better.
5.  Trashy magazines always make a fun gift.  They are easy and mindless reading.
6.  Maybe it’s from breastfeeding, but my skin and lips are so dang dry all the time.  I have about five things of Chapstick located throughout the house that I am constantly using.
7.  A gift card for newborn photos would make an excellent gift.  If you know that the new mom already had pictures taken, a gift card for a canvas would be perfect.  I personally have used Canvas People and was very pleased, but there are other places as well.
8.  Yes, new moms may be home all day, but I can pretty much guarantee you that they have NO time to clean the house.  A house cleaner would make a much needed gift for a new mom.
*NOT PICTURED, but the best thing for new moms is a support system.  I have been so fortunate to have my mom come over to let me at least get a shower each day.  Having someone come over to hold the baby while the mom showers or takes a nap is a huge help!
Anything that you would add to these lists?

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  1. umm… i love this post! I am struggling to think of what to get Autumn's VPK teacher and assistant…. I totally should have ordered them some doodle bugs stationary! oh well… next idea! and I think workout clothes should go on the New Mom list too… that's what I want! haha!

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