Mean Mr. O…You’ve Got to Go!

We just started working on contractions with not.  Some of my students understand contractions right away, but others need some additional help.  Last year while I was introducing contractions, I came up with a story that the O in “not” was mean and they needed to get rid of him.  All of the sudden, one of my students yelled out, “Mean Mr. O, you’ve got to go!”  I LOVED it and it stuck with my first graders.  We made an anchor chart and went with it.
This year I decided to use this saying again and they loved it.  I wanted to take it a little bit further, so I put together this packet.
I recreated my anchor chart and came up with a poem that introduces Mean Mr. O.  I also included some games, practice pages, a booklet, and some other items. 

You can find this in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
Happy Sunday everyone and if you’re in the line of this horrible weather that’s making its way through, stay safe!

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