Morning Tubs – Round 3

Last week, I changed out my Morning Tubs for the third time this year.  The 3 day rotation is still working out really well for my students.  I really think it is just the right amount of time for the kids to spend at their tubs.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstIn the first tub, I placed my new Phonics Dice that I ordered a couple weeks ago.  We have been using these during small group reading instruction, so my students have had practice making real and nonsense words with these dice.  The students grab a dry erase board and marker to use at this tub.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstThe second tub is filled with Halloween erasers that I purchased from the Dollar Spot at Target two years ago.  These seasonal erasers are always a great find and can be used for so many things.  For the morning tub, I didn’t give the students a particular task for these.  I just like to let their creativity take over.  They have had so much fun making shapes, patterns, and pictures with these.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstMorning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstThe third tub contains letter tiles.  These tiles have all of the individual letters as well as common vowel pairs and word families.  The letter tiles came with small magnetic boards, but cookie sheets would also work really well with these.  I truly have no clue what brand these tiles are, but you could always just put regular magnetic letters in a tub.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstMy fourth tub contains Base-10 Blocks.  The students always love building towers and houses with these blocks.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstMorning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstI was so excited when I ordered this Goobi Construction Set from Amazon a couple weeks ago.  I knew my students would love them, and they would be perfect for morning tubs.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstMorning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstThe sixth tub contains coloring pages.  I included some primary type coloring pages that I downloaded for free from Creative Clips, as well as some more difficult adult coloring pages that I found as free downloads online.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstMorning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstYou can read about my first two rounds of Morning Tubs by clicking on the links below.

Morning Tubs – Round 1

Morning Tubs – Round 2

Are you using Morning Tubs this year?  I’d love to hear the types of things you have placed in yours lately.

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  1. My Kindergarten Class love doing the “drawer” activities. I have used many of your ideas, so thank you for sharing them. It does make them a little noisier in the morning, but it is a good noise of learning and cooperation. My students thank you!

  2. I put out a nature tub with magnifying lenses. In it I put sea shells, birds nests, cool rocks, leaves, pinecones, bark, moss, and other stuff. Best part…kids are bringing in nature things for the basket.

  3. I love your morning tubs. I’d been looking for something other than worksheets to have my first graders do. These tubs have been great. I’ve used some of your ideas as well as some things I’ve had hanging around in my room for years. The kids just love it.

  4. Hi Jodi
    I have been looking at your 5 Step Fluency Demo pages, from Beginner to Advanced, and I LOVE what I see. What clever ideas you have and what a wide variety of passages you incorporate. Just a question. Do you BY ANY chance have a South African Spelling version of your passages: colour, favourite, organise etc.? Or would it be very difficult to convert your passages to South African versions? I could even edit them for you if you like… It is a HUGE market and I know a LOT of teachers who would definitely buy these resources. Something to consider. Thanks again for your remarkable resources.
    Wendy (Grade 3 Educator)

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