Morning Tubs – Round 4

We started a new round of Morning Tubs this past week.  The students continue to love this time of the day.  I still have my students stay with the same tub for 3 days.  This rotation allows me to only have to switch out tubs every 18 school days.  If you would like to read the previous posts about our Morning Tubs that we have used this year, you can find those post below.

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Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstIn our first tub, the students are building with these Emido Brain Flakes.  These plastic discs interlock and the students can make all kinds of shapes with them.  They love them and have been so creative.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstMorning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstI have loved seeing what they think of to create.  The students have made flowers, snowflakes, bridges, and more.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstYou can find them on Amazon by clicking on my affiliate link HERE.

Our next station is another fun item that I found on Amazon.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstThese Block Buddies came with a set of colored wooden blocks and cards.  The students can create their own shapes or recreate the pictures on the cards.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstYou can find these on Amazon using my affiliate link HERE.

Our third tub was the EASIEST to prep.  I simply placed a pile of index cards in the tub.  The students have been using them to build.  They can fold the cards to help create their structures.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstOne of the other 1st grade teachers at my school came up with this idea.  Genius!

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstAnother tub we have going this round includes these sets of attribute blocks.  These blocks were just recently given to us to use with our math series, so I thought it would be a perfect addition to our tubs.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstI always love to let students explore manipulatives before we use them in our learning.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in First

In our fifth tub, I placed measuring tape, rulers, and random items to measure.  We just started our measuring unit in math, so this is nice practice for the students.

Morning Tub Ideas by Fun in FirstOur sixth tub includes our left over coloring pages from round 3.  I made too many copies and didn’t want them to go to waste.

That wraps up our round 4 of Morning Tubs.  I’d still love to hear your ideas if you are using Morning Tubs in your classroom this year.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in FirstThis post does contain some affiliate links for your shopping convenience.  I do receive a small commission when someone purchases an item after clicking on a link.  These commissions help with the cost of maintaining this blog and allow me to continue to bringing you valuable content, activities and ideas.

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  1. Morning tubs have changed my classroom forever! I’ll never teach without them. Kiddos who used to come in late or at the last minute are now in line to come in before the doors open. They are learning to share, cooperate, and create. THANK YOU for such a wonderful tool (and making my morning prep basically zero!!)

  2. Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I either have most of the items or can adapt fairly easily. The items that I don’t have can be purchased for a pretty reasonable price. I cannot wait to use all of these ideas!

  3. I love your morning tub idea, it is great to have the kids doing something hands-on in the morning after they finish some independent desk-work. Can I ask how long you give your students to complete their desk work and work on the stuff in the tubs? Do they do a reflection piece at the end of the 3 days about how they spend their “tub time”?

    Thanks so much!

    1. My students start coming into the room at 8:00, but the tardy bell doesn’t ring until 8:15. Some of them eat breakfast in the room. It takes the students about 5 minutes to complete their “morning work” review sheet. Then, they can go to their tubs. We clean up around 8:30. I haven’t had them complete a reflection sheet, but that’s definitely something to look into.

  4. If you had 16 students, would you group them into 6 tubs with just 2 and 3 students? Or would you make 4 groups of four and rotate through 6 tubs?

    1. Last year, I had 21 students and had a couple groups of 3. It was great! I really think I would probably do 2-3 students if I could. This year, I have a bigger class, and it can get crowded.

  5. I love this idea, children really try to get to class early so they can get the bin they want! I must ask- how often do you change the bins? I noticed you only have 4 rounds listed, does that last you the entire year?

    1. I keep my students at a tub for 3 days before switching. With 6 rotations, this means that I change out all of the tubs every 18 school days. Then, I put new items in each of the tubs. Later on in the year, I rotate those items back into the tubs though. Hope that helps.

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