Morning Tubs – Round 5

We are on our 5th round of morning tubs, and my students still absolutely love this time in our day.  It gives them a chance to socialize with other students in the morning, while being creative and using their imaginations.

Morning Tubs are a wonderful way to get your students moving and their brains thinking creatively in the morning.  These ideas from Fun in First are perfect.What does my morning look like?

I get asked a lot about my schedule and how long all of this lasts.  My students can start coming into the classroom at 8:00, but the tardy bell does not ring until 8:15.  Some bring breakfast to the classroom as well.  This makes it very difficult to do any type of whole group instruction first thing in the morning.  Even if I could, I really think that the students need to come in and have some time to adjust to the day.  After the students put their coats and backpacks away, they complete the Morning Work on their desks.  Since the morning work follows the same type of format each morning, it really only takes them about 5-10 minutes to finish it.  Then, they go to their tub for the morning.  I post my Morning Tub rotation on the board, and we rotate each group every 3 days.  This allows me to only have to switch out tubs every 18 school days.  Around 8:30, we clean up our tubs and go over our morning work together.  Then, we are ready to start our day with our Morning Meeting time.

What is in our Morning Tubs this time?

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I ordered these Quadpro Magnetic Blocks from Amazon.  My own son also got a set for Christmas from my parents, and they are so much fun!

These magnetic shapes are a perfect addition to Morning Tubs.  Check out all of these other ideas for what to put into Morning Tubs from Fun in First.This set came with magnetic squares and triangles.  The students have been so creative with these.

These Magnetic Blocks make a great morning tub for students.These will definitely come back out in another round of morning tubs.

These magnetic shapes are a perfect addition to Morning Tubs.  Check out all of these other ideas for what to put into Morning Tubs from Fun in First.In our next tub, I placed these winter themed coloring sheets from Creative Clips.

This post contains so many Morning Tub ideas from Fun in First.For our third tub, I purchased these Keva Brain Builder blocks.

These Keva Brain Builders are a great addition to Morning Tubs.  This post contains so many ideas of items to include in Morning Tubs.The box came with these small wooden pieces and cards with items to make using the blocks.

These Keva Brain Builders are a great addition to Morning Tubs.  This post contains so many ideas of items to include in Morning Tubs.My students are always thrilled when they get to build things.  I do wish that these came with more wooden pieces, but the students are having to cooperate together to make the items.

Our fourth tub contains Rory’s Story Cubes.  This is the original set, but they do have other sets of these cubes that I may look into purchasing.

Story Cubes are a great addition to morning tubs in your classroom.  This post contains many other ideas for morning tubs.I placed the Story Cubes along with a pad of writing paper in the tub.  I gave them the option of deciding how many cubes to roll.  I love that they have to be really creative in their writing to include each of the pictures that they rolled on the dice.

Our fifth and sixth tubs are repeat tubs of geoboards and pattern blocks.  These math manipulatives never get old.  The students love them.

Pattern blocks are a great addition to morning tubs.  This post contains many ideas for using morning tubs in your classroom.Morning Tub ideas This is definitely one of my students favorite times of the day.

Want to know what else we have done during Morning Tub time?

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Morning Tubs has become one of my students favorite times of the school day.  Here are so many ideas of things to place into your morning tubs.

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  1. Thank you for your ideas, especially the morning tubs. Started using them in my first grade class this year and the kids just love it! I’ve used some of your ideas, but you’ve also helped me look at what I already have to make some of my own boxes. Thank you!☺

  2. How do students know which tub they are working on? Do they use these away from their desks? How do they all share one tub if they do they activity at their desk? I really want to try this in kindergarten, but I need the logistics.



    1. I have a chart on my board. Each tub has 3-4 students at a time. I rotate the students to a new tub after 3 days. This way I only have to switch out the tub activities every 18 school days. For each tub, the first person that is done with their morning work grabs the tub and finds a place to work in the classroom. The rest of the students join that tub as they finish. Hope that helps a little 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your Morning Tub routine & ideas. I have a handful of chronically tardy students and I am always looking for new engaging ways to begin the morning to encourage the students to come to school on time. The morning tubs are a wonderful idea to help with that issue! I can’t wait to try it!

    Thank you,

    1. My students begin coming into the room at 8:00, but the tardy bell doesn’t ring until 8:15. Their “morning work” review sheet takes maybe 5 minutes to complete. Then, they can go to their tubs. We clean up tubs around 8:30.

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