Morning Tubs – Round 6

I just switched out our morning tubs again this week.  Technically, I think this is our 7th round of morning tubs, but I repeated some of our items during the last round.

Morning Tubs - A great way to start the morning!Read more about our full morning routine HERE.

What is in our Morning Tubs this time?

I purchased some new items from Amazon to add to my tubs this time around.  I love searching for new things that I think my students will enjoy.  It makes new tub day even more exciting.

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These Bristle Blocks were a great addition to our morning tubs this round.  Check out more morning tub ideas on the blog.These Bristle Blocks are a huge hit this time around.  They go together really easily and attach in so many different ways.  My class also loves that this packet came with wheels.

These Bristle Blocks have been a great addition to our morning tubs.  You can check out more morning tub ideas in this blog post.

They have been so creative with these blocks.

Check out these morning tub ideas.This iTrax Critical Thinking mind game is a fun little addition to our tubs.  The students are supposed to look at the cards and find the path that connects the two blocks.  Then, they race to build that path with their blocks.  Many of them wanted to explore with building on these cards first.  This one will take a little practice, but eventually they’ll get the hang of it.

These gears are a fun addition to our morning tubs this round.  You can find more ideas over on the blog.These gears from Learning Resources have been fun for the students as well.  I love seeing the ideas that they come up with to make all of the gears work together.

This blog is full of morning tub ideas.I purchased these Smartie Pants cards a couple of years ago, and I’ve had the Brain Quest Cards for ages.  I placed both of these in one of our tubs.  The students have had fun quizzing each other using these cards.

This BOGGLE game is a great addition to our morning tubs.  Check out all of these morning tub ideas.I bought this BOGGLE game at Walmart about a month ago and decided to put it in one of our morning tubs.

This BOGGLE game is a great addition to our morning tubs.  Check out all of these other ideas.The students turn over the timer and write as many words as possible on their white boards before the time runs out.

This blog is full of morning tub ideas.I placed dominoes in our last morning tub.  They can build with these, group them by numbers, put them into patterns, etc.  Morning tubs are really just a time for them to explore and be creative.

Want to know what else we have done during Morning Tub time?

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