Mother’s Day

My favorite day of each school year is the day of our Mother’s Day celebration.  We prep for the day by practicing poems, completing writing and pictures for our moms, and painting vases.
I purchase vases from Dollar Tree for the students to decorate each year.  I originally found this idea on Fabulous in First, and loved it.
I put the students into four groups, and have them learn a poem to read the day of our celebration.
We also decorate the bulletin board and classroom for our mothers.
 These were super simple using Astrobrights paper and heart stickers from Dollar Tree.
 We used the website Tagxedo to create these heart word clouds for our bulletin board.
The students decorate folders to hold all of their items.
The night before the celebration, I purchase flowers to put in their vases, table clothes, muffins, and juice.  I also set up their “Mom! Let’s Talk” bags.  I place questions in the bags as conversation starters.  This is a FREE download here.
During our celebration, the students read their poems, share their items they have created throughout the week, have discussions using the “Mom, Let’s Talk” bags, and then we watch a slideshow. 
For the slideshow, I take a picture of each student and then ask them to tell me the best thing about their mom.  I type them into a slide to place after their picture.  Add some music, throw in a couple of mother quotes, end with some class pictures, and you are good to go.
It is such a wonderful morning!

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    1. I always have some backups in the school available; Reading Recovery teachers, a counselor, etc. I also put on the invitation that if their mother cannot come, another loving lady may come in their place. I have had plenty of grandmas or aunts attend in the past.

  1. I love this idea! Do you have the poems you use available in your TPT store or could you tell me where you find them?

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