Our 100th Day of School

Monday was our 100th Day of School.  I meant to share these pictures on Monday night, but life threw a huge curveball at me and it’s been a really rough week.
I decided to break my students up into 4 groups after some inspiration from my friend Cara at The First Grade Parade.  I had them complete 100 day themed activities at each station.

We made gumball machines at one of our stations.  I bought a package of paint dobbers and my students put 100 dots on their paper plates.  Then, they filled in the bottom of their gumball machine.

It was definitely challenging for a couple of them to keep track of how many gumballs they had made.  We talked about how to organize ourselves when doing this project.  For example, make 10 green dots, then 10 yellow dots, etc.  You can grab the free gumball machine download by clicking HERE.
One of their favorite stations, which again, I found on The First Grade Parade, was the cup station.  I placed 100 red solo cups on the carpet and let them work together to build away.  They LOVED it!
Another group worked on 100 day necklaces that we bought from Really Good Stuff.
At the last station, I placed 100 pattern blocks in bags.  Each student at the station had their own bag to create whatever they wanted.
Later on in the day, we completed activities from my 100 Day Booklet.  You can click on the picture below to check it out.

100th Day of School Activities

Happy 100th day!
100th Day of School Activities

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