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    Reading Fluency – The Ultimate Bundle

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    This 5-Step Fluency (The Ultimate Bundle) includes 7 5-Step Fluency products to meet all the needs of your students. Students love using this unique format because they get repeated practice, but in a fun and engaging way.

  • Reading Fluency Sentence Tree Bundle


    This bundle of Sentence Tree cards is perfect for beginning readers to practice reading sight words, short vowel and long vowel words, and words with blends while working on increasing their fluency. This packet includes 400 Sentence Tree cards in both black and white and color. The cards can be used independently, with partners, or in a small group setting. The cards are also great for early finishers.

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    Fluency for the Year Bundle

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    This packet includes 180 fluency passages. Each passage includes Power Words (vocabulary), comprehension questions, and a home connection component. Each passage also includes an additional language arts skill sheet for a total of 360 pages. These passages are perfect for small group, whole group, morning work, or homework. The passages are themed for each week. Each packet includes a variety of fiction, nonfiction, poems and songs.