• Decodable Word List Phonics Bookmarks


    These Decodable Bookmarks are perfect for building reading fluency with phonics skills.  Each bookmarks contains numerous words to go along with an explicit phonics/decodable skill.  These are great for extra practice at the end of phonics lessons, reading interventions, independent book bins and to send home for reading practice.

  • Phonics Brochures


    These Phonics Brochures are the perfect way to review phonics skills. They work perfectly for a weekly review, homework, morning work, or in a whole or small group reading lesson.

  • Sale!

    Phonics Curriculum Bundle for 1st Grade


    The 1st Grade Phonics Curriculum includes everything you need; lesson plans, whole group and small group activities, assessments, and more for your classroom. The entire curriculum includes 26 phonics skills plus a 2 week letter review.

  • Positive Affirmation Cards & Digital Slides


    These positive affirmations are a great way to build students’ self-confidence, positive self-talk, and improve overall mental health. You can choose a card (or display the digital version) for each day or one every couple of days. Read the affirmation and have a classroom discussion about what it means. These can be displayed in the classroom as reminders.

  • Decodable Phonics Passages & Boom Digital Passages with Comprehension


    These Decodable Phonics Reading Passages and Boom Digital Task Cards are the perfect way for Kindergarten and 1st grade students to work on their phonics skills. Each printable and digital passage also includes comprehension questions and 3 high frequency words.