Saint Patrick’s Day Activities

Students will soon wear green to school and be on the lookout for a leprechaun! So, they hope their teacher has fun activities to celebrate the day with classmates. Since teachers still have to continue teaching essential standards, they find creative ways to combine learning with fun. Luckily, this list of Saint Patrick’s Day activities will help ensure this day contains so much fun, learning, and collaboration! 

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When is Saint Patrick’s Day?

Saint Patrick’s Day occurs on March 17th. So, mark this special event on your calendar as you plan. 

Academic-Based Saint Patrick’s Day Activities 

Since there is so much to learn, students can’t take a full day to celebrate. Luckily, teachers can incorporate Saint Patrick’s Day activities into academics throughout the day!

  1. Saint Patrick’s Day Challenge: Get ready for so much learning and excitement with this challenge! Specifically, students will compete in small groups on 10 academic challenges. This includes working on synonyms, making words, nouns, and comprehension. Additionally, students will practice graphing, place value, number patterns, and odd and even numbers. After each challenge, the class will open a Challenge Ticket envelope and solve the code word. The first team to solve all 10 code words is the winning team. Everything teachers need for the challenge is within this fantastic resource! 
saint patrick's day activities
  1. Gold Coin Math: First and second-grade students love searching for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. To incorporate this into academics, teachers can use gold coins as students work on addition and subtraction. If you find the chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil at the store, students can even have a sweet treat! 

Celebration-Based Saint Patrick’s Day Activities 

Students often need a blend between learning and fun. So, after working on academics for a while, it is time to provide a nice break. Students can work on these fun activities while celebrating with classmates!

  1. Saint Patrick’s Day Games and Activities: Student energy will be at an all-time high! So, these fun activities will allow them to get up, laugh, and add something special to the day. Activities include jokes, mystery pictures, This or That, scavenger hunts, and brain-break dances. Additionally, students will unscramble words, make leprechaun names, and play Lucky Says. This will be a celebration students always remember! 
saint patrick's day activities
  1. Decorate Shamrocks: Students love to let their creative side show. Thankfully, they can do this on Saint Patrick’s Day! They can decorate a shamrock any way they want. They can even do this with a picture of a rainbow or leprechaun. 
  1. Skittle Rainbow:  When students eat Skittles, they love to see the coloring disappear. So, teachers can bring magic to the classroom with Skittles, a paper towel, and warm water. This classic science experiment is a student favorite each year! 

Saint Patrick’s Day is so exciting for students! One of the best parts is how they don’t need any presents or huge celebrations. Instead, they want to search for leprechauns, wear green, and laugh with classmates. Thankfully, this list of Saint Patrick’s Day activities helps ensure students get to do this! They will love focusing on academics while enjoying the day with classmates. 

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