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It is heartbreaking to see students not believe in themselves. This often comes in the form of giving up, becoming frustrated, and wanting to cry. Teachers never want them to feel like this. However, learning to read can do this to students. It can be overwhelming to look at words but not know what they say. Likewise, students can become discouraged when they have to stop and decode each word. Since teachers are so understanding, they find creative ways to build skills without overwhelming students. For instance, the Sentence Trees: Building Reading Fluency is the perfect way for students to show growth!

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Sentence Trees Bundle 

Do your students struggle with reading fluency? Thankfully, this resource helps them increase their fluency through enjoyable activities. Honestly, students won’t even realize how much work they are completing since they will love these sentence trees. 

Each card resembles a tree. As the tree gets bigger, there are more words. So, they begin with one word and add one more word to the sentence with each line. By the last line, they will read the entire sentence. Honestly, this is an excellent way for students to become confident by working on one line at a time. They will be excited to increase their reading fluency as they read sight words, blends, digraphs, and vowels. The fluency sentences include all 220 Dolch sight words and most of the Dolch nouns. 

No Prep Resource for Fluency

Teachers are busy! However, every teacher wants students to love reading. A considerable part of this involves their confidence and skill set to read fluently. Therefore, these cards are NO PREP! Teachers just need to click the print button. Overall, there are 400 cards in the Sentence Trees: Building Reading Fluency bundle. Teachers can even print in black and white or color. 


There are so many ways to use these reading fluency sentences in the classroom! For instance, they are perfect for word practice with a small group or during a reading fluency center. Likewise, they are great for an independent reading center, and an early finisher activity, and are placed in fluency folders. They even work great for homework or individual practice with teaching assistants or parent volunteers. There is so much versatility with the Sentence Trees Bundle

Reading Fluency Individual Offerings 

Since students have different needs, teachers may not need the entire bundle. Therefore, there are smaller sections of sentence trees. This includes 

Short Vowel Sentence Trees and Sight Word Sentence Trees. Furthermore, this includes Long Vowel Sentence Trees and Blends and Digraphs Sentence Trees. While the bundle contains all four fantastic resources, teachers can purchase smaller sets for their classrooms. 

When students do not read fluently, they often struggle with many other aspects. This includes comprehension, decoding, and having a positive reading mindset. Teachers do not want this. So, they work incredibly hard to build reading fluency within students. Thankfully, the Sentence Trees: Building Reading Fluency provides consistent practice. Students will be so proud of themselves as they read each tree fluently! 

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