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I love this time of the school year.  October and November is when I really feel like my first graders are actually first graders and not Kindergarteners.  They also haven’t gotten into the crazy excitement of Christmas yet either.  I just may be a little in love with November.
We have been working on our Thankful books {from Sarah Cooley} and I had to share this picture with you.
This may not be a big deal to you because kids draw pictures of their teachers all the time, but this one is extra special to me.  You may remember back to this post from August.  We had read the book Chrysanthemum and discussed how to have a caring heart and to treat each other nicely.  Then the students signed the crumpled heart to agree that they would treat each other with a kind heart.  Well, one of my {darlings} absolutely refused to sign the heart.  He spent most of the first month of school under his desk, throwing things, tearing up paper, etc.  Well, HE HAS COME A LONG WAY!  He just melted my heart when he wrote this because I know how far we’ve come. 
There are many frustrating moments in teaching and sometimes it’s hard to see the difference that you can make in a student’s life or the difference they can make in yours.  I definitely recommend keeping a file of positive notes or stories to look back through during a tough teaching moment.
I know all teachers have some type of classroom success story and I’d love to hear about it.
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  2. If you have time, could you share how you handled the student when he would hide under his desk and throw things? Just looking for helpful advice in that area!

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