Short Vowel Intervention

Do any of your students need extra practice learning short vowel sounds?  Most of my students have a really good grasp with short vowel sounds and can blend CVC words together pretty easily.  However, I have a few that need some extra practice with this skill. 
We group our 1st graders into five ability groups for Intervention/Enrichment (I/E) time.  Each of the five 1st grade teachers take a group for 30 minutes in the mornings.  My I/E group is in need of some extra phonics practice, so I wanted to come up with a Short Vowel Intervention to use during this time.
We started our first lesson at the carpet.  I gave each of the students a poem on a clipboard.  We read the short a poem together a couple of times.
Then, the students read the poem with a partner.
When they became more fluent, I gave each student a highlighter and we found all of the short a words.
After we found all of the short a words, I had the students turn their papers over, and we filled up our boxes with short a word family words.
This activity gave me a really good idea of which students understood rhyming words, and which students needed more practice in this skill.
These Short a Word Family books are also a great way for students to practice their phonics skills.
 We will be working with real and nonsense short a words as well.
You can find all of these activities and more in my Short Vowel Intervention Packet.
This BUNDLE includes all 5 short vowels, but you can also purchase each vowel separately. 
Each vowel packet includes:
 -Fluency List and Checklist
-Word Family Boxes
-Word Family Collection Sheets
-Word Family Booklets
-Spin & Write
-Picture Sorts
-Roll, Read, & Write
-Roll and Read Sentences
-Roll and Read Stories
-Name That Picture
-Read to Understand
-Reader’s Theater
I plan on making a Long Vowel Intervention packet next.
Click HERE to check out my Short Vowel Intervention Packet.

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