Short a Word Work

It’s our 3rd week of school and we are finally into the “meat” of our reading curriculum.  The first two weeks are full of review, review, review.  This week our phonics focus is short a.  I wanted to give my students plenty of opportunities, outside of our reading series, to practice with the short a sound.
I created a Word Work packet that I will be using all week.
 Some of the things in this packet, we will be completing as a whole group.  Other items I have at a station for my students this week.
They did a great job with this Stretch it Out station today.  I just laminated it and they were able to use dry erase markers to write, which is always a bonus.
 Read the Room activities are always a big hit during station time.  It gets the students up and moving around.

We completed some of the activities together as a whole group.  They loved being able to use highlighters to find their short a words in sentences.

 I discovered today that I will need to “teach” my students how to complete word searches.  Some of them were able to do it successfully, while others really struggled with this task.
You can find these activities and more by clicking on the picture below.
I am currently working on a Short i packet and hope to have it out later this week.

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  1. Thank you Miss Sam 🙂 The actual packet is fine. I had printed out my unedited version to use with my own class on Monday and this error wasn't fixed until later.

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