Ways to Make Fluency Fun

I’ve really been brainstorming ways to make
working on fluency more fun lately.
Just having students reread a passage over and
over again is sooooo boring for kids.
A couple of weeks ago, I made this 5 Step Fluency
I loved
it so much that I made a 5 StepFluency for Beginning Readers and a 5 Step Fluency for Advanced Readers packet.

These packets are such a fun way for
students to practice their fluency skills. 
They love to be able to reread the passages in their special voices.
Since it’s such a fun activity, I had a chance today to sit down and make these
Fluency Voice Sticks.

The students pull a stick
out of the container to see which voice they will be using to reread.  These can be used with any passage or
book.  Fluency
Voice Sticks can be used in a whole group
or small group setting. 
They would also work well for an independent
reading center.
I made these into Fluency Voice Cards
as well.  These give you another option
of hooking the cards to a metal ring, or allowing the students to just pull a
card from a box to see what voice they will use.

I also thought it would be fun to make
some Fluency Voice Spinners.  The
students spin a voice to see how to reread their passage or story.

I placed all of these ideas into a new packet that you can check out by clicking on the picture below.

What are your favorite ways to practice fluency?

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I'm working on my masters and we have been focusing on fluency. I have to demonstrate a strategy in mid April….hmmmm…I wonder if my prof would let me use your product!

  2. I just bought the fluency packet and I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for storing the spinners. Where do you keep yours? Thanks so much for this wonderful resource!

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