100th Day of School

  • Digital 100th Day of School | Google Meet Zoom | Distance Virtual Learning


    Are you going to be teaching virtually on the 100th Day of School and wondering how to still celebrate? Have a Virtual 100th Day Celebration during a Google Meet or Zoom while distance learning. This could also work well during in-person instruction in the classroom if you want to add a little something different to your party. Students will participate in 8 different activities.

  • 100th Day Color by Code


    These 100th Day Color by Code pages are a great addition to your classroom for the 100th Day of School. This packet includes 6 different color by codes (addition, subtraction, add/sub combo, short vowels, long vowels with silent e, short/long vowel combo.)

  • The 100th Day Challenge


    Do you need a fun, engaging, and academic activity for your class to complete for the 100th Day of School? The 100th Day Challenge is your answer. Your class will compete in small groups to complete 10 academic challenges. After each challenge, the class will open a Challenge Ticket envelope and solve the code word. The first team to solve all 10 code words is the winning team.

  • 100th Day of School Booklet


    This packet is perfect for the 100th Day of School. It includes activities that will keep your students busy with a variety of activities while using the number 100.