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    Phonics Curriculum Bundle for 1st Grade

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    The 1st Grade Phonics Curriculum includes everything you need; lesson plans, whole group and small group activities, assessments, and more for your classroom. The entire curriculum includes 26 phonics skills plus a 2 week letter review.

  • Positive Affirmation Cards & Digital Slides


    These positive affirmations are a great way to build students’ self-confidence, positive self-talk, and improve overall mental health. You can choose a card (or display the digital version) for each day or one every couple of days. Read the affirmation and have a classroom discussion about what it means. These can be displayed in the classroom as reminders.

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    Digital Phonics Word Work – Ultimate Bundle

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    Do you need something to help spice up your phonics instruction each week? This Digital Word Work activity is the perfect way to add a little extra to your week. Simply project the file onto your screen and complete these activities as a whole group or small group. Students will record their answers for some of the activities on the included recording sheet.

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    1st Grade Reading Passages for Guided Reading- Bundle

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    Want to save time planning for your small group reading lessons each week? These monthly guided reading packets are your answer! Each Guided Reading packet includes 4 differentiated nonfiction passages, and 4 differentiated fiction passages. (24 passages in all) The passages include a lesson plan example, vocabulary cards, pre-reading activity, 3 levels of reading passages with vocabulary words and comprehension questions, a comprehension graphic organizer, and a writing response page.

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    Word Work (The Ultimate Bundle)

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    This ultimate word work packet is perfect for practicing many phonics skills.

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    Fluency for the Year Bundle

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    This packet includes 180 fluency passages. Each passage includes Power Words (vocabulary), comprehension questions, and a home connection component. Each passage also includes an additional language arts skill sheet for a total of 360 pages. These passages are perfect for small group, whole group, morning work, or homework. The passages are themed for each week. Each packet includes a variety of fiction, nonfiction, poems and songs.