5 Step Fluency

I am always looking for ways to make fluency a little more fun for my students.  It is such an important skill for readers to develop because it is truly the bridge to comprehension.  When students don’t have to put all of their effort into decoding the words they are reading, they can focus on comprehending what they are reading instead.
I came up with an idea called 5 Step Fluency.  These five steps could really be done with any passage, but I created a packet that includes everything you need.
The 5 Step Fluency approach includes:
1. Read It & Mark It – This is a cold read of the passage.  Give the student the passage and set a timer for 1 minute.  {For faster readers, you could give them 30 seconds instead.}  Have the student place a mark after the last word they read.
2.  Read at Your Own Pace – The second reading allows the student to read the entire passage at their own pace.  Do not time the student during this reading.
3.  Highlight Word Work – The third time going into the passage, the student will be focusing on a particular word work skill.  This truly is just another way for the student to reread the passage again, but for a different purpose.   Each passage in the packet includes a Word Work skill for the student to work on. 
4.  Silly Read – This is a fun way for students to reread the passage.  Students will be rereading like monsters, grandmas, pirates, and more.
5.  Read It & Mark It – This is exactly like the first step, but this time the students have now read the passage four times.  They will try to beat their score from the first read.

This packet includes 45 original passages.  I have included 3 different levels {15 of each} in the packet. 
You can check out the packet by clicking on the picture below.

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  1. I love this and would love to use it in my classroom so I hope I don't sound stupid with my questions:
    1. Do the students do one reading each day?
    2. Do they read to an adult for the cold and final reads or do you trust them to track responsibly?

  2. @Mrs_Gray…I would use these in a small group so I could time the students myself. Some of them may be trustworthy enough to do it themselves, but I would feel more comfortable listening to them read. These would also be great for a parent volunteer or a teaching assistant to do with the students.

  3. I <3 this! This will be perfect for my littles that I tutor and for my high school reading buddy to use with my struggling readers! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love this! I really like the skill focus for each passage. Any chance you'd add an even lower level? I teach k and looking at the preview I'm thinking I'd need a lower level, too. Thanks!

  5. I just purchased this. I can't wait to use it with my students when we return from Spring Break. Thank you for creating such wonderful activities and sharing them with all of us.

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