Monthly Poems

Building fluency in students takes a lot of practice, patience, and perseverance. However, all the work involved is worth it, as students need to be fluent readers. Since teachers understand this importance, they find creative ways to improve fluency. For instance, practice does not always need to be in the form of passages. It can be reading poems and songs! Both of these allow students to practice reading in creative formats. Thankfully, the Monthly Poems for February and A Year of Poems and Songs are ready to go! Students will love building fluency with these activities. 

Monthly Poems

Monthly Poems for February 

This monthly poetry packet includes 8 poems and songs. So, students can practice reading and fluency while reading a beautiful poem or singing a song! Titles include Little Bird, Snowbird, Groundhog, Brush Your Teeth, Candy, and more! Each poem or song is one page to ensure students do not feel overwhelmed as they build their reading fluency. 

Additionally, there are follow-up activities to work on essential literary skills, such as comprehension, vocabulary, and rhyming. Students will work on illustrating the poem, filling in missing words, answering questions, putting it in order, and partner reading. 

Implementing the monthly poems is also quick and easy! They are perfect for literacy centers, whole group instruction, or as an activity to send home. 

A Year of Poems and Songs 

Students are going to love monthly poems! After working on the first one, they will become an activity students ask to do again and again. Thankfully, there is a growing bundle to use throughout the year!

Each month includes 8 poems and songs based on the different events and weather occurring at the time. There are also topics about essential life skills, such as being kind. For instance, January has ones based on penguins and polar bears. Additionally, there are songs and poems about good character, inventors, and inventions. March topics include going outside to fly kites,  looking for rainbows, and searching for a pot of gold. There are also options on baking and the importance of firefighters. Students will love the variety of topics each month! 

Every poem includes the same format of activities for consistency and skill growth. So, students will work on reading and comprehension by illustrating a poem, filling in missing words, rhyming, learning vocabulary, and answering questions. Students will even partner read and put the poem in order. Students will love it whenever it is time for monthly poems and songs with these activities! 

Since the activities are consistent, teachers waste no time explaining directions each month. 

A Year of Poems and Songs

Students spend much of their day in the classroom. So, it should be fun and exciting for them. Thankfully, working on monthly poems helps ensure this happens. Whether using the Monthly Poems for February or A Year of Poems and Songs, students will be ready to work! It will be fantastic to see their reading and comprehension growth after working on these activities.

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