We started discussing adjectives today.  During our morning review, the students wrote some examples of nouns and verbs on their white boards.  Then, I introduced adjectives.  After giving them examples of adjectives that would describe a cat, I had them come up with some that would describe a dog and write them on their boards.  Next, I had them try and write some adjectives that would describe themselves.
We returned to our seats and made a list of adjectives together.
After we had a pretty good grasp of adjectives, I went around and put a Post-It note on each persons desk.  I had each person go around the students at their tables and write an adjective to describe each person.

(I made sure to discuss that we were using “nice” adjectives.)
When we were finished, each student not only had a list of adjectives, but they also had a friendly “pick me up” as well as they read the nice adjectives their friends had written.
My only problem was that the Post-It notes were too small.  I made this to use if we do this activity again.
Just click on the picture below to download. {Students can write their names on the lines.}
Graphics by Scrappin Doodles and Jessica Weible Illustrations
We have also been learning about the presidents this week.  I will be back tomorrow with some pictures.  (There were a couple that I forgot to take.)
We will be completing our President’s Day booklet this week though.
I have gotten quite a few emails lately about when certain products will be finished.  Here is my to-do list:
Common Core Morning Work for March
March Writing Prompts and Organizers
Subtraction Fact Strategies
Update my Spring Fluency Packet to make it Common Core Aligned
*As many of you know from my last post, things have been c-r-a-z-y around here and now that they are getting a little more “normal,” I hope to get a chance to check off items on my to-do list soon.
And…I cannot thank you all enough for all the thoughts and prayers you have sent our way!!

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