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No Prep games for 1st Grade

April is a tough month to keep students focused. Since it is warming up, everyone wants to be outside playing. However, there is still essential learning to do during the last few months of school. So, teachers often have to get creative in their planning. Lessons usually require group work that allows students to talk and play interactive games. Luckily, this list of no prep games for 1st grade offers amazing options that incorporate excitement and learning! Students will enjoy being in the classroom when they get to work on so many fun games. 

No prep Games for 1st grade

Math & Literacy Games Galore for April 

Students love the sunshine and warm weather outside. However, April’s excitement can also happen inside the classroom with fun games. Luckily, this resource includes so many no prep games for 1st grade that everyone will love! 

The packet includes 10 no prep games focusing on language arts and math. Students play all the games with a partner, which they always love! They will work on critical skills, such as bossy Rs, cause and effect, adjectives, compound words, and synonyms. Additionally, they will work on place value, addition, time, subtraction, and fractions. All of these skills are crucial to know before progressing to second grade. 

Spring Activities

There is even a fun April Bingo game and a Shape Shuffle game. Both work great in a small group or whole group setting. 

Every game comes in a black/white or color version. Teachers can even print and laminate to last for many years. 

Students will have so much fun reviewing essential information! 

Spring Activities

Sight Word Games 

The better students know their sight words, the stronger readers they will be! So, adding as much sight word practice as possible is crucial. However, students want to do more than sit and read word after word. They want a practice that is fun and exciting. Luckily, there are some amazing no prep games for 1st grade that focus on sight words. 

This no prep sight word games packet includes 10 games, all focusing on 220 Dolch sight words. This includes spin and color, say a sight word, roll and read, tic tac toe, and more! Every game provides essential sight word practice in engaging formats. 

Students will love playing the games in a whole group, small group, or during stations. Best of all, students will have the best smiles on their faces while having fun with classmates. 

Since teachers have different printing requirements, most games come in color and a black/white version. Teachers can even copy and laminate the pages to use over and over! 

Games for 1st Grade

Math & Literacy Games Galore Bundle 

Students will love the no prep games for 1st grade during April! Thankfully, there is a bundle that includes 10 no prep games for the entire year! Each month includes themed games that fit the season. Students will have so much fun whenever they get to play these games!

No prep games for 1st grade should be fun, exciting, interactive, and educational. Thankfully, all of these resources fit that description! Students will love working on their academics when they get to use these fun activities. 

No Prep Games for 1st Grade

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