Five for Friday

I’m so hit and miss with linking up for Five for Friday.  Probably because my days and weeks just kind of run together being on maternity leave.  Definitely not a bad thing!  If it wasn’t for my girls and their daily activities that keep us running all over town, I would probably have no idea what day it even was most of the time.
So here are 5 things about my week.
1.  My little guy is 5 months old…and SO.MUCH.FUN!  I took this video of him the other day laughing at his sister.  She was making monster sounds at him.  I think I have watched it a hundred times, and it always makes me smile!
2.  I saw this on Instagram the other night, and reposted it on my account.  How true is this!

3. I received some paper products from Blair Turner Paper last week and I AM IN LOVE!
I can’t pick a favorite product, but how gorgeous is this weekly desk calendar!  If this doesn’t help me get organized, nothing will!
4.  I found this sign at Hobby Lobby last week.
This is THE BEST reminder for not only my house, but my classroom.  I wanted to buy it to put it in the hall outside of my kid’s rooms, but the gray didn’t match the color scheme of the other things in the hall.  So, I made my own printable that I will just frame instead.
5. I shared this on my Instagram, but I found these lanyards at Walmart that I thought would be perfect for Teachers Appreciation Week.
They had a ton to choose from, but these were the ones that I ended up buying.
Head on over to check out everyone else’s Five for Friday.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE that calendar pad! I am heading over to right now to check them out. I have big sloppy handwriting so I need a BIG calendar. Plus I am more likely to see/read/use a calendar if it is large and in my face. haha Thanks for sharing!

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