Dealing with a Loss

{*Disclaimer…this is not at all teaching related.}
I have gone back and forth about a million times of whether or not to write this post.  It is not teaching related at all, but ultimately I decided that my blog is an archive, and this is someone that I want to remember forever.
My high school best friend passed away two weeks ago.  She tragically died in an avalanche while skiing in Jackson Hole. 
We first met in Kindergarten.  We did gymnastics together our whole lives, and then added cheerleading, diving, and track to the mix in middle school and high school.  She was a free spirit that lived life to the fullest.  She was always up for trying something new and exciting. 
This quote truly sums up her life.  This is a picture of her doing her infamous yoga pose that she would do everywhere. 
She never sat still for long, and she was always the life of the party. 
She traveled the world and truly made friends with everyone she met.  She had a heart of gold and a smile that could light up the darkest room.  She was hilarious, smart, kind, and outgoing.  She lived more life in her 36 years than most people will ever live.
I could tell stories about her all day long, but I shared my favorite one during her eulogy at her funeral on Monday.  When she was working on her doctorate at Northwestern in Chicago, my husband and I went to visit her.  She introduced us to her friend, a homeless man that lived on the streets of Chicago.  While most people would shy away from the homeless, she befriended him and got to know him as a person.  She would bring him her leftovers, and eventually even took him to his doctor’s appointments. 
She touched so many lives and made the world a better place.  She will be missed by so many people!  In light of this tragedy, I have learned to LIVE LIFE to its FULLEST!  If you want to do something or go somewhere, find a way to make it happen.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Do what makes you happy!
Her tagline was to #grablife and she definitely did that up to her last breath. 
 She will never be forgotten and will live forever in my heart.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Jodi. Your friend sounds like an amazing woman. I'm sure her legacy will continue on through all the lives she touched.

  2. It's a great reminder to us all to not take life so serious. I think this was a great tribute to her and reminder to yourself of what she meant to you. So many times we hold things in, afraid to share what's on our mind and I think this blog was wonderful! Thank you.

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your friend. It never gets easy when you lose someone close to you. My best friend died this past September due to cancer. The start of school was not easy and each day I am reminder of the friendship we shared. Teaching with her for many, many years and not having her around has been hard for me. But as the saying you posted about the memories will live on really helps. Again, think of the wonderful times you shared together. Thank you for reminder us how each day is special. Take care of yourself. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  4. Jodi, thank you for sharing your blog! I am touched by your friendship with this wonderful person. I am so sorry for your loss. Great reminder to live each day to the fullest and love our friends fully! You are in my prayers!

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