The Five Senses

This week we have been learning about our five senses.  I introduced all of the senses on Monday and then we discussed our sense of sight.  First, we talked about how our eyes work, why we need our eyes, how to protect our eyees, and a little bit about blindness.  Then, we sang our song about our eyes.  {You can download this below.}  The next thing we did is we played a game using our sight.  I placed about 8 things in each tub and placed one tub on each table. I gave the students about 3 minutes to take a look at the things in the tubs then they had to close their eyes.  I went around and removed one item from each tub.  When I was finished, the students had to try and figure out which item was gone.

 They loved this!
The next thing we did was talk about our eye colors.  I passed out an eye to each student and had them color it in the same as theirs.  Then we made a graph on the board.
At the end of the lesson, I let the students explore some I-Spy books, which are always popular.
You can download the song that I wrote, “My Eyes”, and the graphing items by clicking on the picture below.
 Today, we discussed our sense of touch.  We sang our song called, “My Skin,” then I passed around bags with items like cotton, pencils, q-tips, glue sticks, … and the students had to use their sense of touch to figure out what the item was.  They really did a nice job with this.  Tomorrow, we will be discussing our sense of smell. 
You can find the rest of the songs, graphs, worksheets, and a 5 senses wrap up book at Teacher’s Notebook or Teachers Pay Teachers. 

 I’ll be posting more pictures as we wrap up this week.

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  1. This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing. I will be teaching the senses this year, so I am adding some of your ideas to my plans… because I have already planned and worked on my lesson plans for the year lol
    So don't be surprised if you see a shout out when I am teaching and blogging about our senses 🙂


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