The Lorax

We read The Lorax today and the kids LOVED it.  I started off by introducing the book and a little bit about Dr. Seuss.  This is a book that will need a little bit of explaining while you are reading it.  It’s a difficult book with lots of tricky words for 1st graders, but with some discussion, they really do get it and this book can lead to wonderful conversation.
After reading, we filled out this chart together.
Then we made environmental posters. {You have to love invented spelling.  Too cute!}
She is watering the trees 🙂

“Clean water to help animals and trees for people to breath.”

“Save trees and the universe.”

We filled out a Character, Setting, Problem, and Solution graphic organizer about the story.  Later in the day, we held a Snack and Share.  {This is just my version of the Brown Bag Book Club on The First Grade Parade.}

 I love how interested the students were in this book.  They could not stop talking about it all day and they are so eager to find out which Dr. Seuss books we will read tomorrow.
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  1. Wow…just found your Blog and am instantly falling in teacher love with it, yowser, what a breath of frest air…what you have going on is what teaching is all about:) Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas…I can't wait to start borrowing them and sharing with my 1st grade team:) Yeah:)

  2. Suzanne,
    They were from a previous post, but I just added them to this one as well. There are 5 of them I think. Just click on the picture to download. 🙂

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