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Do you use Focus Walls in your school?  We were introduced to them a couple years ago.  At that point, I put one up, but didn’t do much with it.  (Needless to say…that was pointless.)  However, two years ago, I placed it next to my calendar and bingo it became useful!! 
The words are kind of hard to read above, but I have a spot for our phonics skill, spelling words, high frequency words, comprehension skill, grammar, math, science/social studies and writing.  Everyday during calendar time, we go over our Focus Wall to review what we are learning about that week. 
This year we were asked to add objectives to our Focus Walls.  I didn’t really have room for that, so I placed my Objectives on my dry erase board in the front of my room.
I just used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the words out with vinyl.  Now all I have to do is use my dry erase marker to write our “We can” statements for what we are learning about at that moment.  Love it!!
I also wanted to share some of the Focus Walls around our school.
2nd grade classroom 
4th grade classroom

Special Education classroom
 She uses this frame for her objectives.  She can also take it with her when she goes to work with students in their general education classroom.
Even our special areas have Focus Walls.
Music Room
Art Room
 Library/Computer Lab

Our PE teacher also has one in her gym, but I forgot to take a picture.
Here is one in our Conference Room where they hold IEP Conferences.
It’s hard to read, but it has our school wide strategies, Interventions, Assessments, Vocabulary, etc.

Then this is just a random picture of the outside of one of the 2nd grade teacher’s room.  We have a “Space” theme this year and I just had to share.  It’s much more impressive in person 🙂
If you don’t use Focus Walls, I definitely recommend them.  They give the students a place to find information.  It’s also great when the entire school is on board with it and they know that they will see one everywhere they go.
Do you use Focus Walls?

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  1. I teach kdg, our district tried to mandate a "Common Board" this year, but it included essential questions, CCSS, written response and learning rubric. It was completely insane. basically the administration wanted your planbook on the wall so when they walked through for observations you were accountable for it and they didn't have to go searching. Luckily it got sent back to the drawing board, Thank you union. Maybe they will see some that are geared toward CHILDREN instead of adults and try again with a better plan. I like seeing the different walls and how teachers use them. I do have the CCSS up, but I can't say it is used by the students. My anchor charts do a better job giving students a focus for learning and a reference for review. Thanks for sharing – I need to learn more about this. jh

  2. May I ask what fonts you used for the Objectives board? We, too, have to post these and I've struggled to find a way that was both easy and cute. Way to go! I'd love to copy.

  3. The font for the word Objective is called "Cartoonist." The font for everything else is KG Be Still and Know. They can both be downloaded at dafont.

  4. I use one of my dry erase boards as my language arts focus wall. I simply don't care to rewrite everything daily, and since ELA objectives stay the same for the week, I update my board weekly as opposed to daily.

    Thanks for the info on the fonts! Installing and printing new focus wall headers as I write this.

  5. Thanks for sharing. We have to have a common board posted for reading, language arts and math. It includes the CCSS, objective, essential question and a ticket out (quick measure of learning)! Somehow I fit it all on one board:)

    The Resourceful Apple

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