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Martin Luther King, Jr. Flip Book FREEBIE

Nothing like a last minute Martin Luther King, Jr. activity, but I made it a FREEBIE for you to make up for it. 
I realize that I may be a little obsessed with these Flip Books lately, but they are just so fun!
This Flip Book contains a two page biography about Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and his accomplishments.

 The last page contains vocabulary words that you can discuss and comprehension questions to check for understanding.
You can download this FREEBIE by clicking on the picture below.
I hope you are enjoying Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

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  1. I was not pleased when my child came home with this material. It does not mention that MLK Jr was African American or that he fought to end laws that discriminated against African Americans. I asked my son about it and he had no idea that MLK was African American. I showed him a photo of what MLK really looked like. The bus boycott MLK Jr led was not a race-neutral event. His house was bombed for insisting that black people not be relegated to the back of the bus! I’m not saying that we have to tell kids every graphic detail about African American history, but this packet, while technically truthful, is dishonest in grossly omitting basic facts.

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