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Word Play

When learning to read and write, students often work in a similar progression. For instance, they begin learning individual letters and sounds. Then, they work on putting sounds together to form words. As time continues, students start reading and writing sentences! Since this journey is complex and challenging, teachers work hard to create fun, hands–on activities. Thankfully, these Word Play Activities are here to take your phonics instruction to the next level! 

Word Play Activities

What is Word Play?

Essentially, word play is a play on words. Students participate in different activities to build, make, and read other words. 

Word Play Activities 

This is the ultimate resource for teachers seeking an engaging and effective phonics activity aligned with the Science of Reading! All of the activities help promote vocabulary development, phonics, spelling, and word recognition skills. 

Specifically, students will work on word ladders. This means they will build a chain of words by changing one letter at a time. This allows students to recognize word patterns. Additionally, they learn to make tons of connections between words! 

Students will love these word ladders. Thankfully, there are 82 sheets to have a fun activity all year long! 

Benefits of Word Play 

Word play has so many benefits for phonics instruction! For instance, they scaffold learning and offer a range of difficulty levels. So, students can all work on word play activities at the most appropriate level. Additionally, the activities allow students to use their creative side to make words. Students will have the brightest smiles on their faces working on these activities! 

Word Play Activities


Honestly, there are many ways to use the word play activities in your classroom! For instance, they are perfect for centers, stations, morning work, independent work, and small group work. They are also great for early finishers and homework. Students will love these activities no matter how they work on them! 

Year Long Practice 

It can be frustrating to explain directions repeatedly. However, students need to know how to complete the work. Unfortunately, time to give instructions often takes away a lot of valuable learning time. Thankfully, this won’t be the case with Word Play Activities! Since there are 82 activity sheets, students will have a consistent activity to work on throughout the year! 

Teachers can even print the word play ladders on the back of worksheets for students to work on after finishing assignments. So, teachers can spend time helping students who need it while providing enriching activities to early finishers. Teachers can also print and laminate the sheets to be ready year after year. 

Phonics instruction is crucial for students. It is the foundation of being a strong reader and writer. Since this process can frustrate students, teachers must have enjoyable activities. Thankfully, Word Play Activities create amazing ways for students to practice making words. These word ladder activities will help students gain so much confidence in their phonics skills! 

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