Morning Tubs This Year

Earlier in the school year, I did a Facebook Live video about my Morning Tubs and promised to do another one when we started our new tubs.  Well….time got away from me, and we are now on our third round of morning tubs for the year.

I wanted to share with you some items that we have used in our 2nd and 3rd round of morning tubs.  You can view the video to check out our 1st round of tubs from this year.

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Round 2

I ordered these Picasso Tiles this past summer after seeing them at our local Children’s Museum.  They were a great addition to our morning tubs.  They are really good quality and have held up well to rough 6 year old hands 😉

Pattern blocks are always an easy addition to Morning Tubs.  The students’ love them, and they are so creative.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in First

Another item in our 2nd round of morning tubs were Brain Flakes.  The students always love these.

These Bristle Blocks were a great addition to our morning tubs this round. Check out more morning tub ideas on the blog.

Bristle Blocks are another fun item.  They have plastic bristles that allow them to connect with each other.

These Matching Games are great for the classroom.  This particular one is Dr. Seuss, but there are so many different ones to choose from.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in First

I also added Base-10 blocks into the 2nd round of morning tubs.  I love using math manipulatives during morning tubs prior to actually using them in math lessons.

3rd Round

I just purchased these Emido Interlocking Building Blocks, and they are so much fun!

Right now, my students are a little obsessed with making magic wands with them.

This was another recent find on Amazon from Emido.  These Emido Block Bars have become a new favorite.

It took them a little while to really understand how they worked, but now that they have them figured out, they love them.

I also love to include these coloring pages from Creative Clips.   She has so many different ones to choose from.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in First

These Block Buddies are also a great morning tub item.  They come with pictures of different objects for the students to create.


Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in First

I purchased these small Halloween erasers in the Target Dollar Spot last year, and they made a wonderful addition to morning tubs.  The students can use them to make patterns or pictures.

Morning Tub Ideas from Fun in First

Another super easy, and cheap, addition to morning tubs are popsicle sticks.  The students have been building with them, counting them, making pictures, and more.

So, that’s what we have been using in our Morning Tubs so far this year.  You can find more Morning Tub ideas here.

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