A Bright Minds Partnership

I am thrilled to announce that I am partnering with Astrobrights as one of their Bright Minds Edublogger Ambassadors this year with these amazing ladies. 

I have partnered with Astrobrights in the past for their Colorize Your Classroom campaign, and I have always been so impressed with this company.  They truly care about teachers and students and want to make the teaching world a better and brighter place.
This is the perfect partnership because I LOVE color!  I’m happier when things are colorful.  I love to decorate my classroom with bright colors, and I like to use color in my lessons as much as possible.  Colorful paper makes everything more exciting and engaging.
As a Bright Minds Ambassador, I’ll be posting creative ideas throughout the year about how to use color to enhance learning.

I’ll also be sharing opportunities for you to engage with Astrobrights, and let me tell you, they have some really exciting things planned!
The other Astrobrights Edublogger Ambassadors are ALL amazing!  If you aren’t familiar with each of them already, you should be.

 April McNair from A Modern Teacher  Instagram @amodernteacher

 Jennifer White from First Grade Blue Skies  Instagram @firstgradeblueskies

 Maria Manore from Kinder Craze Instagram @kindercraze

 Marsha McGuire from Differentiated Kindergarten  Instagram @differkinder


Be sure to follow @Astrobrights on Instagram the week of Feb. 29 for a Bright Minds takeover!  You’ll get a peek at who we are and why we love color!
To learn more about the Bright Minds, visit thepowerofpaper.com/ambassadors.


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