Our 100th Day

Yesterday was our 100th Day of School.  This is always such a fun day.  It seemed to sneak up so early this year for some reason.
We began our day with some 100th day morning work.
We usually do our Common Core Morning Work packet, so this was a surprising change for them.
We also made these fun hats.

Each student had 10 strips of paper.  I placed white paint in the middle of each table and the students put 10 fingerprints on each strip. 
They loved it and since it was only one finger, it wasn’t too messy. The hardest part is going around and stapling it all.  If you can get some help with stapling all the hats together, I highly recommend it.
The rest of the morning consisted of working on our 100 Day packets.
Just click on the picture above to check out the unit.
The students loved the variety of activities.
Dice Roll and Tally Game
Exercising for 100 seconds
In the afternoon, I gave each student a 1 and two 0’s to glue onto their papers and decorate however they wished.

Here are some freebies for your 100th day.  Or, use them next year if yours has already passed.  Just click on a picture to download.

Our 100th day was a lot of fun!  Have you had your 100th day yet?

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  1. The 100th day is always my favorite. Ours isn't til Feb. 8th. We always make the hats too, and I staple the strips ahead of time which is really helpful. I'm definitely giving my kiddos the numbers….such a great idea!

    First Grade Wolves

  2. Unfortunately, I had jury duty on my 100th day of school, but I left some really fun things for the kids to do while I was out and we even did a few more the day after. One of my kids was so excited and said, "Today is the 101st day of school!!"

    Darling Little Learners

  3. Looks like you had a fun 100 day! Thanks for the freebie! We have not had our 100 day yet because we start in September and had a week off for Hurricane Sandy. I am enjoying being able to stock up on resources and ideas though from everyone else, so I will be ready for the big day.

    Compassionate Teacher

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