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Restroom Review

My least favorite time of the day….RESTROOM BREAKS!!!!  I think it would be amazing to have a restroom in each classroom, but that just isn’t the case.  Restroom breaks are just time suckers. 
Since I’m constantly trying to think of ways to add more learning into the day, I thought this bulletin board would be perfect.
I placed it in the hall right outside of the bathrooms where we line up.  This way I have some resources available for a quick review while we wait.
The students can practice sight words.
They can also work on their math facts.
Another option on the board is for students to use the letters to make words.  They love doing this in the classroom, so why not bring it to the hall.
I also included a vocabulary section where students can make up sentences using the words or tell what each word means.
If you would like to download the headings and sight words from above for free, click HERE.  I may add to this file later on, but for now it only includes the items above.
How do you handle restroom breaks at your school?

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  1. Sometimes having a bathroom in the classroom can be annoying (often an aversion hiding place), but thanks to your post, I'll never take it for granted again! It's been so long since I didn't have a classroom bathroom that I forgot not everyone has this luxury! Great way to make the best of it! I will say, I have some of these on the walls in our bathroom because if they're going to be in there, they might as well have something to read! When I was in the higher grades I'd put snippets from books. Just enough to get them hooked and want to read the rest!

  2. This a terrific idea! As a pre-k teacher, I do have a bathroom in my classroom, but this idea will be great if I move up a grade. I agree that the bathroom break can be a time sucker. I also feel that when walking in a line to a special, why not do something educational… I play "The Sound Train" with my students. I call out a letter {actually, I "whisper" a letter to make sure they aren't too loud} and they say the sound over and over again in a "whisper voice" and move their arms in a circular motion as if they were the wheels of a locomotive! I continue to change the letter! It really helps with letter-sound association and it is a way to keep my students engaged. I promise it's actually a pretty quiet game and they know if the "train" gets to loud, we end the game.

    I is for Inspire

  3. What a great idea to use time wisely! In the past I have placed math flashcards and sight words on rings and carried them with me to the restroom to practice with those who were finished and in line – but I like this even better as it requires less teacher involvement!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  4. I agree bathroom time is a time zapper, when the kids come out of the washroom, they sit down and wait and I will ask them math facts or spelling words. I like your idea of the wall then other classrooms can use the wall instead of chatting in the hallway.

  5. This is a great idea! I would have snatched it up at my old school. This year at a smaller school (K-2 one class per grade level) I don't even have a "restroom break." The kids just go as needed in the classroom. I used to take cards with me or whisper math problems in their ear, etc. at my old school. This would have been perfect!


  6. I have a restroom in my kindergarten classroom, so we don't need to take many group potty breaks ~ before lunch & recess. When we do, we are by a boring & often empty display case that the PTO uses. Maybe I could get them interested in posting fun & educational items.

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