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Number Boxes

Remember last week when I said that I was pretty safe in saying that this Friday was going to be our 100th day of school.  Well…..I was wrong.  We have another snow day tomorrow.  I am beyond over this winter weather.
Today, we began working on Name Collection Boxes.  {This is from the Everyday Math series.}
We started by doing some examples on the board together.
Next, I put the students into groups of four and gave each group a piece of chart paper to make their own name collection boxes.

Such a simple idea, but they really loved it because they love working with partners or in small groups.
I will be adding Name Collection Boxes as an option for students to work on if they finish their work, so I created this quick freebie.
Just click on the picture above to download this freebie.  I included a couple different pages as well as a blank one for you to add your own numbers.
Hopefully, you’re staying much warmer than we are here!  How many days until Spring again?

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  1. Don't miss those name collection boxes at all! Was never so glad to get rid of a program in my life:) But I plan on using your freebie to have students practice with equations, so thank you very much! I LOVED your ecard…tomorrow is the third snow day in a row for us! It's been nice, but enough is enough!

  2. Looks like a great activity for number sense! When they work in groups, do you correct mistakes (like the one in the last picture) as they're working, or wait until they're all done and are sharing out?

  3. I just came across this post about name collection boxes… Awesome! My school used Everyday Math last year… For the 100th day of school, I made a shirt with a name collection box for the number 100… I will probably wear it for the 100th day this year but we got a new Math series (which was needed) and unfortunately I don't think the kids will be as familiar with it! I need to start using them again! Thanks for the great reminder

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