Teddy Bear Day

September 9th is National Teddy Bear Day, so we always celebrate this fun day in our classroom.  I send home a letter prior to Teddy Bear Day letting the parents know that their child may bring in his/her teddy bear (or other stuffed animal if they don’t have a teddy bear.)

Teddy Bear DayThe students loved spending the day with their bears.  Their bears got to stay with them throughout the day in the classroom.  I did not let the students take their bears to lunch, recess, or PE.

Teddy Bear DayIt was so much fun for the students to have a cuddly companion at their side while they worked, read, or played.

Teddy Bear DayTeddy Bear DayTeddy Bear DayThe students sat in a circle and introduced their bears to the class.

Teddy Bear DayIt’s always fun to hear their bears names, where they got their bear, and what makes their bear special.  (Or in the case above, what makes their two headed dragon so special.)

Teddy Bear DayWe discussed adjectives and came up with words to describe our bears.

Teddy Bear DayWe completed a lot of activities from my Teddy Bear Day packet.  This packet includes reading, math, and writing activities to go along with your Teddy Bear Day.

Teddy Bear DayTeddy Bear DayThe students completed math problems using Teddy Grahams and predicted how many gummy bears were in a jar.  Just a PSA, if you have peanut allergies in your classroom, Teddy Grahams are peanut safe, but Walmart gummy bears are NOT peanut safe.  I was researching and reading labels to keep one of my students safe, and the Walmart gummy bears say they are made in a facility that contains peanuts, tree nuts, etc.  I found these Albanese Gummy Bears that were peanut safe though.  They were more expensive, but seriously delicious.

Teddy Bear Day

If you’d like to check out my Teddy Bear Day packet, click HERE.  I promise, your students will love having a Teddy Bear Day.

Activities for holding a Teddy Bear Day in your classroom.

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