Tips for Parents…How to Help My Child Succeed

About two years ago, I created some resources to send home with parents on how to help their children succeed in school.  You can find the old post here.
I wanted to update these so I could send them home at the beginning of the year.

I will also be sending these home with parents.

Then, I also added one for Math as well.
You can download this entire file for FREE.  Just head on over to my Facebook page.  If you already “Like” my page, just click on the Fan Freebies tab at the top.
If you don’t yet “Like” Fun in First on Facebook, just click on “Like” then you can download your freebie.

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  1. These are great…Thanks! When I'm walking with kids I ask them to read the numbers on houses. Are the numbers getting greater or lesser as we walk down the street?

  2. I'm unable to download the freebie even though I found the link on the Fb page. Not sure why it's not showing up in google docs?

  3. Thanks so much for this FABULOUS and cutesy freebie! Just wanted to make sure that it's okay to share on my classroom blog for my parents. I don't have any way to make copies in color 🙁 Thanks so much!!

  4. Hi! I really would love to use these for my open house tomorrow but I am not on facebook. Is there another way i can download them? Thanks!
    Sarah 🙂

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