Building Reading Fluency

As the beginning of the school year approaches {yikes!}, I have had some questions about my fluency passages and how I use them in my classroom. 

In September, I introduce my daily fluency passages to my class.  We do these in a whole group setting, but they are also perfect for small group work with some of your more independent readers.
This sample is the very first fluency passages in the packet.
I begin by introducing the “Power Words.”  We discuss them and use them in sentences.  Next, I read the passage to the class.  Then, we read the passage a couple of times together.  If we have time, I will put the students with partners to practice.  We usually do the bottom portion together, especially at first. 
I copy the additional page on the back of the passages.
 This is usually an activity that the students can do independently.  When we are finished, the students take these home to practice.
We do a new one each day.  Here is a sample from the December packet.

The packets include a variety of fiction, nonfiction, songs, and poems.  This sample is from the April packet.

My students love these!  They really enjoy working with a partner and reading them to the class.

The fluency passages can be purchased by the week, the month, in 3 month packets or the entire year. {The entire year saves you the most money.}
Click on the picture above to visit my TpT store. {You can download the preview to get the passages above.}
You can enter below to win a copy of the entire year packet.  I will be picking a winner next Wednesday.

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  1. I LOVE your fluency packets. I have the year-long packet on my wish list on TPT. I'm just waiting for a sale (hint, hint) or a windfall. HA! Thanks for sharing these terrific pages!!!

  2. I LOVE your fluency packet. These are great activities that my students could use everyday. Thanks so much for sharing. Now if only I could afford the entire packet! 🙂

  3. Wow, this packet is incredible! I love your creations and they are SO helpful in my classroom. This packet would be such a great support for my first graders. Thank you so much!

  4. I love these, and am curious when during the day you use these? I know how full my reading block has been in the past, and I am going to start Daily 5 in the fall, and I am curious how to fit these in – thanks!

  5. I REALLY hope I am able to win the entire packet. I had retired for one year and my AP picked me back up when she saw me on a substitute list. She told me I was to o valuable to substitute. She asked me if I might work part-time for her. So, I am a reading interventionist this year. I teach K-5. This would help me tremendously! Thank you for the opportunity having this give-a-way, even if I do not win… Hugs,

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