Valentine’s Day Actvities and FREE Printables

Oh the joys of Valentine’s Day in the classroom! It’s such a fun holiday, but sugar + kids = chaos.
First thing this morning we had our Cub Coaching.  Each adult in our building (classroom teachers, teaching assistants, secretaries, special area teachers, etc.) is assigned a small group of “cubs.” (Our school mascot is a lion.)  Our cub group is a combination of students from every grade level that we meet with 5 times a year for 30 minutes just to get to know each other, check in, and do some type of activity.  The theory behind this is that since we are such a large school (over 600 students) having these cub groups allow the students to have another familiar adult in the building.  These groups stay the same every year (5th graders are replaced with new Kindergarteners), so we follow these students through their years at our elementary school.
The biggest challenge is trying to think of activities for some a large range of students.  I decided to have my cubs see how tall they could make a tower out of Conversation Hearts.
In all honesty, I figured that the students would just start stacking them up on top of each other and make one big column.  However, they were SO creative!
Later on in the day, this was turned into a measurement lesson with my 1st graders.
They had a lot of fun!
Another fun activity that we did this morning that is perfect for all age ranges, is a heart tearing contest.
The students had to hold a piece of paper behind their backs and try to tear out a heart.
Some of them turned out pretty good.
We also had our Valentine’s Day party this afternoon. (Go ahead and be jealous…we have a four day weekend.)
If you are in need of some last minute Valentine’s Day printables, here are some ideas.
You can download all of these for FREE by heading over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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  1. Jodi! I love all of these activities! Esp the paper heart and candy heart things. Making a mental note for next year! Thanks for the freebies, too! PS are you going to French Lick?

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