We started our unit on weather today.  We began by discussing some words that come to our minds when we think about weather.  I created a list on chart paper.
Next, I had each student choose a word to write and illustrate on a raindrop for our Weather Words bulletin board in our classroom.
Next, we thought of some things that we already know about weather and listed them on the sun.
After discussing some things we already know about weather, students wrote on their own page what they already know about weather.  This is on the second page of The Weather Book.  Click the picture to download.
For the weather book, we will keep adding the third page to our booklets everytime we discuss a new weather topic.  For example, when we discuss wind, the students will write something they already know about wind before the lesson.  After the lesson, they will write something they learned about wind and draw a corresponding picture. 
I will be posting more from our weather unit throughout the week.

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