President’s Day

We started discussing president’s this week since President’s Day is Monday.  We briefly discussed who the president is now, what they think the president’s job is, and if they knew of the names of any other presidents.  We read the books, George Washington, which is a Scholastic Reader and the book A Picture Book of George Washington.  Then we filled out a chart to list facts about George Washington.
Next, the students wrote their own facts about George Washington using the chart as a reference.  After their writing was complete, they made their own George Washington using construction paper, cotton balls, and a coffee filter folded in half.  They are too cute!!

Tomorrow we will be reading about Abraham Lincoln and making a fact chart.
After completing the fact chart together, students will write their own facts in an Abraham Lincoln hat booklet.
We will also be making log cabins out of pretzel sticks.  I will post some pictures when we finish with them on Thursday.  We will also be filling out a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Washington & Lincoln.

**I am adding our pictures of the pretzel log cabins.  We discussed how Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin.  We looked on the Internet at pictures of log cabins and talked about what it would have been like.  Many of them couldn’t get over the fact that there were not any bathrooms. 🙂  Then, the students wrote about what they think it would have been like to live in a log cabin.  After their writing was complete, they made their log cabins out of pretzel sticks.  They were so into it, you could have heard a pin drop. 

He thought he needed a cloud 🙂

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